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Monthly Prayer Guides

Throughout the New Testament, we see Christ's call for a heroic love of neighbor. This heroic love is rooted in action and prayer. Christians should pray for any and all who face persecution because of ethnicity or belief. To do this well, we must first understand who our neighbors are, where they come from, and the context in which they are suffering.

We have created monthly prayer guides to help. These guides will focus on some of the most persecuted countries in the world. Our hope is that they will not only help guide your prayers but also facilitate discussions among your friends, families, and small groups. 

Image by Robert Nyman


With over a billion people and the atheistic Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in power, many people of faith---including Tibetan Buddhists, Uyghur Muslims, and Chinese Christians---are unable to practice their faith freely. 


Cuba's government continues to use surveillance, harassment, and arbitrary detentions against people of all faiths, even forcing many religious leaders into exile. With tight regulations on all religious activities, Cubans across the island are unable to worship without fear. 

Image by Alexander Kunze
Image by Salman Saleem


Though a place of incredible diversity and beauty, Pakistan contains rampant human rights violations impacting people of all faiths. With government repression and terrorist attacks victimizing religious minorities and Muslims alike, it remains a country full of fear and suffering.


In a turbulent corner of Africa sits one of the poorest and most repressive countries in the world -- Eritrea. With an authoritarian government in control since the early 1990s, Eritreans of various faith backgrounds face restrictions, abuse, and imprisonment for what they believe. 

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