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About Us

A message of hope for a world that hurts

In the face of far-reaching religious persecution impacting Christians and other faiths, we are a network of Christians who work to defend all who face persecution, regardless of beliefs. We are advocates and pastors, lawyers and laity, Christians of all denominations and backgrounds. 

Our logo evokes the idea of Christ protecting the innocent, but also Christians raising their voices against oppression. 

Our Story

Founded by Knox Thames, the CAAP Network grew out of a realization that Christians should have a strong and clear voice against religious persecution impacting any community. Certainly, the church faces persecution globally. But during Knox's 20 years of work as a religious freedom advocate abroad, he saw that when Christians face persecution, almost certainly other communities do as well. 

Christians of all denominations suffer from repression. But persecuted Christians are rarely alone — oppressors also target persons of different faiths and no faith. Communist China commits genocide against Uighur Muslims while crushing Tibetan Buddhism, all while they bulldoze churches in other regions. In India, Muslims must fear lynching while churches are shuttered. Iran's ruthless persecution of the Baha'i faith knows no limits, while they also jail evangelical pastors. Sometimes it is the others who suffer more. Christians are part of a community of suffering.

If Christians became vocal advocates for their own and the right of everyone everywhere, it would open doors to demonstrate God's love to a hurting world in their moment of need. It will shock the world. It will build bridges and help Christian minorities struggling in other contexts show love to their neighbors. It would be a witness. It would alleviate suffering. It would set captives free. It shows love of neighbor. It helps the least of these.

Our Supporters

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