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Motivated by "Love of Neighbor," we are Christians praying and advocating for all who face persecution because of their religion or belief. While we always remember the Persecuted Church, we also recognize our non-Christian neighbors who face persecution and need help. As a testament to God's love for all and our commitment to living out the Great Commandment, we pledge to stand up for anyone facing religious persecution.

A Biblical Imperative

Pandemic of Persecution

Every Community is Persecuted Somewhere

per·​se·​cu·​tion: Violence, such as torture, beatings, jailing, rape, death and destruction. 

Research indicates that almost two out of three people on earth live in countries that restrict the free practice of faith. Christians are regularly targeted because of their faith in Jesus Christ. But others also suffer – Muslims, Hindus, Baha'is, Yazidis, even atheists – because of their beliefs. They too are loved by God, with dignity as his image bearers, and need our help.

Statement of Faith

Defending and praying for all who are persecuted, we believe God calls all Christians to stand against religious persecution, regardless of faith or nationality. While we will always remember and help the suffering church, non-Christian neighbors often face violent persecution on account of their faith as well. They, too, are of concern to God. All persons persecuted on account of their beliefs (or non-beliefs) deserve our prayers, advocacy, and action because:

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